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Our Ripped Mass Stack combines 2 of our most potent muscle building products into one powerhouse stack.  If you looking to amplify strength, lean muscle and overall performance this stack will do the trick! 

Product Breakdown: 

Hardcore BULK¬†is a potent mTOR activating muscle builder that combines the power of Arachidonic Acid¬†alongside clinically studied RipFactor¬ģ; a novel new ingredient that boost mTOR activation, protein¬†synthesis, and boost skeletal muscle size. This product does not require any cycling.

Active Ingredients:

‚ÄĘ Arachidonic Acid:¬†A polyunsaturated fat that plays a key role in boosting skeletal muscle mass¬†and strength. This ingredient has strong proinflammatory response proprietaries which helps¬†stimulant muscle growth.

‚ÄĘ RipFactor¬ģ:¬†Clinically studied herbal extra that has been shown to boost strength, endurance,¬†and muscle mass. Statistically significant measurements were noticed in the clinical trials in the¬†first 14 days. Benefits include- mTOR activation, Enhanced protein synthesis, enhanced nitric¬†oxide generation.
‚ÄĘ Diindolylmethane:¬†A compound found heavily in broccoli that can help the conversion of¬†testosterone into estrogen. Helps promote a healthy balance of estrogen to testosterone.
‚ÄĘ DHEA:¬†A naturally occurring hormone that has been studied extensively for its abilities to¬†support natural testosterone levels and improve libido.

Hardcore Ripped is formulated for the individual seeking intense gains in lean muscle mass. Featuring epicatechin, a potent natural compound which has been shown to enhance muscle growth, recovery, and performance. Ripped is intended to reduce myostatin; a type of protein that inhibits your body from rapidly increasing muscle growth.


Epicatechin:  Enhances muscle growth while increasing nitric oxide production and exercise capacity.

5 Methyl-isoflavone: Ingredient designed to enhance protein synthesis.

DHEA: Compound shown to increase testosterone levels naturally.

7-Keto DHEA: Potent compound used to speed up metabolism and boost thermogenesis while also boosting strength levels. The ultimate shredding compounds!

Capsimax¬ģ: Clinically studied extract that is removed from red hot chili peppers. This clinically studied ingredient can increase your bodies basal metabolic rate, which is your bodies natural ability to burn calories.


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