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The Optimal Cutting Stack is our most comprehensive body fat shredding and lean muscle growth bundle.  Combining 4 different products that work synergistically together to enhance metabolism, shred off unwanted body fat, amplify lean muscle growth and push your physique to new heights!  

Product Breakdown

Hardcore Burn is created to help you melt away the pounds while not interfering with your nutritional goals. Hardcore BURN is designed to give you a phenomenal thermogenic effect, suppress your appetite, and keep your mind and mood elevated for maximum effectiveness.

Hardcore Lean features an amazing blend of plant-based compounds. When you’re looking for something to break your plateau or to blast your current regimen through the roof, you’re looking for Hardcore LEAN. Build your strength without building fat deposits! In addition to moderate, steady strength gains, Hardcore LEAN has the capability to do much more. Effective for males or females looking to build or maintain muscle mass without hiding it below a fat layer.

Shred from Alpha Supps is a versatility fat metabolism and healthy lifestyle supplement. Featuring a high-quality selection of hand-picked natural ingredients that promote overall weight-loss by amplifying your body's ability to utilize stored fat as energy, stimulating the breakdown of visceral fat, and helping to support a healthy and active lifestyle

Detox from Alpha Supps is a total body 14-day cleanse and detox formulated with an advanced combination of herbs, fiber and natural ingredients.  Giving your body a complete and effective detox and cleanse.


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