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ALPHA Supps® CUTS is the key to unleashing your full metabolic potential! Want to maximize your calorie burn while you exercise? CUTS harnesses a combination of safe and clinically test ingredients to help you achieve that shredded physique you've been working towards!


Paradoxine® is a non-stimulant, herbal weight-loss ingredient that may promote thermogenesis in the body.

PROGBB: Super Carnitine from SYNMR is a trademarked ingredient by SYNMR Biotechnologies, which can increase carnitine levels by a factor of two. Additionally, it may provide increased cognitive focus and sweat amplification.

5 HTP: A powerful amino acid, 5 HTP is naturally produced by your body and works to increase serotonin levels - often associated with improved mood, better sleep, and even weight loss. Research shows that 5 HTP can directly increase serotonin which can help reduce depression and may be used as an anti-depressive medication. It can also counter hormones that stimulate hunger, creating a feeling of fullness and helping you lose weight. *

L-Carnitine: A must-have nutrient for fat-burning, L-Carnitine helps transport fatty acids and convert them to energy throughout the body.*

AstraGin: An amazing ingredient, AstraGin helps promote absorption of nutrients and reduce inflammation of the intestinal lining for improved nutrient uptake.*


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